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Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered about how Katie’s books get published? Are you excited about the prospect of her next novel and keen to know exactly how far away it is from hitting the bookshelves? Behind the Scenes is a brand new blog on Katie’s website which will track exactly where her next book is in the publishing process. From Katie’s writing, working with her publishing team, to the jacket design, sales, marketing and publicity, right through to the bookshops, here you can follow her new book as it is prepared for publication! We hope you enjoy having a sneak peek behind the scenes.

  • Waitrose Book of the Week!

    20th February 2015

    Waitrose have picked The Perfect Match as their Book of the Week! Here is an ad we have placed in their Waitrose Kitchen magazine. 

  • A Vintage Wedding bags

    16th February 2015

    To celebrate the release of A Vintage Wedding, our marketing team have created these lovely canvas bags. We are giving some away on Katie's facebook page in time for Mother's Day so do keep an eye out! 

  • Katie Ffforde meeting at the publishers

    29th January 2015

    Today Katie Fforde came into the office for a meeting with her team to hear the plans for A Vintage Wedding and The Perfect Match. We had afternoon tea with macaroons and a little glass of bubbly to celebrate the upcoming publication of 2 wonderful books! 



  • A Vintage Wedding and The Perfect Match - copies are in!

    16th January 2015

    Copies of A Vintage Wedding and The Perfect Match have just arrived in the office. How beautiful they look! 

    A Vintage Wedding and The Perfect Match copies

  • Promoting Katie's novels

    13th March 2014

    Katie Fforde and I joined Random House at around the same time - I'd left a teeny independent to become the publicist for the Century and Arrow imprints just as Katie's first novel, Life Skills went on sale.  I've worked on the promotion of her novels ever since;  in the early days I handled Katie's campaigns on my own but as my role has changed and grown within the company I began working in tandem with another publicist and for 6 years I worked with Amelia Harvell.

    Amelia has now moved and our new publicist, Rose Tremlett, is now working with me on the new hardback, The Perfect Match.

    Katie has always had a very dedicated fan base so a key part of the publicity strategy has been to get Katie out and about meeting her fans and her many supporters across the book trade.  We’ve had some memorable events over the years - some huge audiences in libraries across the country from Plymouth to Formby and some amazing support from the indies as well as with the high street retailers.

    In the early days I would drive Katie from town to town to sign stock - it seems funny now to think that we managed without a satnav, mainly because Katie isn't the best map-reader in the world and I have no sense of direction.  And yes, we have been known to follow a bus simply because it had our destination on the front!  Last week, Katie nipped up to Heathrow Terminal 5 to sign stock there and over the course of the next few months she we've got various signings and festivals lined up to support the books.

    Securing coverage for women's fiction can be tough - some of the newspapers just don't review it - so our focus has been to get coverage for Katie and her books in the women's magazines - places we know a lot of her potential readers will be.  And a helpful hook has been Katie's support of the RNA so we've been able to pitch her as a champion of romantic fiction, something of course she feels very strongly about!  When Katie's adult children returned to live with her, we were able to pitch this into the papers and magazines for a feature

    and over the years we've tried all sorts of ideas to draw attention to the books, whether that be devising a recipe with a local celebrity chef to securing a spot for Katie on the shopping channel, QVC.

    Local support has also been really key - from Katie's local bookshop in Stroud to the local media like BBC Radio Gloucestershire and Cotswold Life magazine - and Katie can usually be relied upon for a good photo opportunity in support of a good cause.

    What has really changed is how much opportunities have opened up for Katie as the world has become more digital.  Katie was an early adopter on Twitter and I know she loves talking to her fans and friends that way.  We also introduced Katie to some key bloggers at a party in Soho a couple of years ago and these have been an amazing support to Katie in covering not only her new novel each year but also her digital short stories.

    With the current book, we had an early brainstorm meeting to discuss the themes in the book and possible feature ideas.  Katie always does meticulous research for her books - not just on the internet!  She's even been on a Ray Mears survival course.  For The Perfect Match, Katie spent time out and about with an estate agent and she could also draw on her sister's recent experiences of house hunting, and Katie did reluctantly tell me that the fussy house hunters in the book are actually modelled on her sister and her husband!  We also talked thought more personal things and Katie has just written a piece for one of the national newspapers about her recent cancer scare.  We're busy right now speaking to lots of journalists about Katie and I'm looking forward to raising a glass to Katie and her new book.  I think it is fair to say that working with Katie is never like real work and she's an author I am proud to call my friend. 

    Charlotte Bush
    Publicity Director
    The Katie Fforde Team
  • Going once, going twice, sold!

    6th March 2014

    My name is Andrew Sauerwine and I am the Sales Manager for the UK market at Katie’s publishers, which means that I oversee a team of Key Account Managers who sell to the biggest customers in the UK, including supermarkets, high street customers, such as Waterstones, W H Smith and online.

    Some people think that sales people only face away from the business at retailers, but the approach here is to ensure that the sales team is involved internally in the total strategic overview, marketing & packaging of both the hardback & paperback approaches from point of acquisition. This works in two key ways. It ensures that the sales team are able to advise on where Katie sells best and what sales pattern we expect so we’re sure we’re targeting the right type of customer & importantly that we’re targeting the retailers that will allow us to sell to that end consumer. It also ensures that when you’re working on a repeating brand such as Katie the sales team fully understand what direction we’re taking Katie in, how the consumer insight affects our positioning, packaging & advertising so we are in a position to clearly upsell ‘how’ we are going to grow Katie’s fan base further. 

    Our first chance to really sell Katie’s books comes at our 4-monthly presentations with retailers and both A Perfect Match and The French Affair were presented in September 2013 as they fall into the spring publication cycle for sell in. At this meeting we present only our biggest books, with the highest expectations, and as Katie’s a No.1 bestseller she certainly falls into that category! It’s our first chance to talk about how we’re launching Katie’s new book, whether there’s something topical in the story itself we’re using as a great hook for publicity, how we’ve packaged & pitched her & what the plan is to engage a wider audience & bring them through the retailers doors with their credit cards at the ready. With an author like Katie, the retailers already know & love her books, so our emphasis is less on getting them to read the books, though fans do always ask for copies, but more on what the wider opportunities are to get this book to the widest possible market. At this pitch we also lay out what promotional slots we want for Katie and any bespoke plans for in store or joint consumer activity to drive bigger sales, alongside our sales expectation for the titles bearing all these factors in mind. This topline presentation will normally have a senior member of the sales team involved plus the Key Account Manager who handles the day to day management of the account. We’ll also get useful feedback form the buyers, does the retailer buy into our positioning & message, is our pricing model something their customer will respond too? We then feedback this information if we feel it may negatively affect the performance of Katie’s books. At these presentations it’s important to bear in mind that we sometimes only have a couple minutes to pitch our books, so we have to use the time wisely!

    After these presentations we have follow up meetings about 3 months before publication on average. Waterstones and W H Smith have monthly visits, supermarkets tend to be quarterly,  and at these meets we spend longer talking about each title and the strategy as we have greater detail  as we are a lot closer to actual publication. The Key Account Managers also have a lot of administration to do at this point, ensuring the retailers have the right pub date, isbn, prices, formats and unit cost so there’s no issue with ordering as we approach publication. Beyond this point we work closely with the individual retailers to realise the in store promotional vision we have discussed and keep them up to date on our plans, opportunities as they arise and any key publicity that will effect sales. At this juncture we won’t have deals agreed with the retailers, and with some retailers, the supermarkets in particular we won’t know until a month before publication what promotional slot we have in store (Book of the week, in the top ten in chart etc) and what volume of Katie’s books they want, so we work right to the wire.

    Once we know where we are promotionally, and what numbers we have out in stores on publication (which is called a sub number, or subscription number) we can advise on print runs to our logistics teams & forecast where we expect to be in terms of sales in the first few weeks so we can ensure stock levels are where they need to be. Once this is done, the main part of our sales team push is in place for Katie, and we very much hand over to our marketing and publicity colleagues to persuade the consumers to get out there and buy her wonderful books so they fly off the shelves!
    Andrew Sauerwine
    UK Sales Manager
    The Katie Fforde Team