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Restoring Grace

Love makes the world go round. A wonderfully romantic novel from the No. 1 Sunday Times bestselling author of Recipe for Love, A French Affair and The Perfect Match.

Ellie Summers' life is unravelling. Finding herself pregnant - and her sexy but idle boyfriend Rick less than enthusiastic about parenthood - she needs a plan. Fast.

Grace Soudley's life is also coming apart at the seams - her only security is the beautiful yet crumbling old house she was left by her godmother. But unless she can find a fortune, Luckenham House will disintegrate around her.

When Ellie and Grace meet, the two very different women find they can help each other out. Ellie needs a place to stay; Grace needs a lodger. Both of them need a friend. But then the disconcertingly engaging Flynn Cormack arrives on the scene, apparently determined to help. And when Grace discovers some beautiful painted panels hidden behind the tattered dining-room curtains, the whole business of restoration starts to get serious...

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“A heart-warming tale of female friendship, fizzing with Fforde's distinctive brand of humour”

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Posted on 19th Jan 2014
I believe that this is one of the first Katie Fforde books that I read. I immediately fell in love with the characters that she created in this and all of her other stories. These are part of a small group of books that I can actually re-read. I've read all but two of her books (one isn't even out yet) and have re-read almost all with the exception of Love Letters and Thyme Out (which I'm guessing is Second Thyme Around, I believe. Anyway, I love the village feel I get whenever I open these books and I love how involved the supporting characters become. There are always multiple subplots, giving each supporting character a chance for us to be invested in them

I wish that more people in the US would discover how truly wonderful UK and Irish authors are. I honestly, just about won't read if it IS American. I think American "novelists" are trying too hard to write something meaninful and dramatic, instead of remembering it's to entertain and tell a story people can enjoy.

Thank you for sharing your gift. God has truly blessed you. Can't wait for the next one!!