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The Undercover Cook

A young journalist and her top-secret assignment. An exclusive straight to digital short story from the Sunday Times No. 1 Bestseller.

Meet Emily, a young woman who dreams of being a prize-winning investigative journalist. Her first assignment is to a top restaurant where tempestuous chef Theo Milton reigns supreme. Very soon romance starts to sparkle amongs the pots and pans. And Emily finds there's more than cooking on her mind.

Sunday Times bestselling author Katie Fforde is known for her wonderfully romantic stories, delicious heroes, and heroines we can all relate to. In The Undercover Cook her warmth and wit shine through in this enchanting short story.

It also gives readers the first chance to read the opening chapter of her captivating new novel, Recipe for Love, out in March.

Your Reviews

5 reviews
Posted on 11th Jun 2013
I love all your books! I, too, am from the US and can't get your books on my kindle. I really want to read the straight to digital books! Help!
Posted on 18th May 2012
I am a HUGE fan! I eagerly anticipate each new novel :) However, I live in the States and have been unable to download this story to my Kindle. Any suggestions?
Trish True
Posted on 6th Feb 2012
Undercover Cook was a really short read but I loved every word! I could just imagine myself trembling in my chef shoes in the professional kitchen! Katie is one of my favourite authors and this book is just as good as one of her full length novels. It reminded me of Thyme Out with the overbearing chef! I think Theo would make Gordon Ramsey sound tame! Keep on writing Katie! Thanks x
Johanna Maria Odendaal
Posted on 5th Feb 2012
I am in love with your books. It funny, romance, good storie. Always when i finish the book it so sad. Because I want more. Thank you.
Dawn Woodward
Posted on 2nd Feb 2012
Haven't read this yet but all Katie's other books are brilliant, sad to finish each book!

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