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A little bit about scones

Entry posted on June 18th 2019

This last Sunday, the neighbours and I opened our gardens to the public to raise money for charity.  There was also artwork and sculpture in the gardens to add interest and the weather was wonderful.

But secretly I suspect most of the many people who came really came for the teas.  A good cup of tea and something homemade is a lovely thing and what more can you ask from a Sunday afternoon?

My food contribution is always cheese scones.  In a way this is funny because although I always make them and they always go down well, I don’t actually have a recipe and I’m always a bit anxious in case I leave out something vital. 

However, in case you fancy a cheese scone (and although I say it myself they are delicious) here’s how I make them.

To about a pound of flour (is that 500 gms?  I’m afraid I’m a pounds and ounces girl, the sums are easier) I had a big dollop of margarine.  You could use butter of course. I add a quantity of grated cheese – a good four ounces I reckon and then half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper.   You can choose to leave this out, add more or less, and honestly, I’m pretty much guessing the quantity but I think half a teaspoon is about right.

Then I mix up a quantity of yoghurt – I’m guessing about a small carton’s worth – with an egg and some milk.  I put this into a jug - this quantity may well be added to. I then use my hand mixer to beat the margarine into the flour.  Then I add the liquid, mixing it until I have a dough that can be shaped and has taken up most of the flour.

My top tip (although no one ever does it!) is not to roll out the scones and use a cutter.  I keep mine unsquashed down and I cut them into rough triangles without the pointy end. My mother-in-law showed me how to do this when I was about 19 and I’ve made scones like that ever since.

When you have cut your scones into neatish shapes, paint the top with milk, or if you’ve got any, the leftover milk/yoghurt/egg mixture.  Then I put cheese grated into fairly long thick pieces over the top.

Then I bake them in a hottish oven (just under 200c I reckon) for about ten to fifteen minutes.

I’m sorry to be so imprecise but like so many things in life that’s the way they are!

Do consider an open gardens event if you want to raise money locally though.  It’s a really good earner!

Love Katie x

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