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Christmas Crackers and other thoughts

Entry posted on December 2nd 2018

I’m never quite sure about Christmas crackers and every year I debate with myself.  Do we just want a nice little bang, a paper hat and a bit of plastic rubbish?  i. e. a cheap cracker.  Or do we want nice presents?  One year I got a teeny tiny note book that was perfect for my handbag.  Sadly I lost it when my handbag was stolen but ever since then I’ve scrutinised pictures of cracker contents and fail to find them. 

One year, in the years when we were poor but innovative, I put a gold toffee in every cheap cracker and sprayed the outside gold.  They looked gorgeous!  Is this enough?  Should I just buy cheap crackers, find something nice to put in them and gussie them up with sprigs of rosemary and red ribbon?

Do I have time for gussying up?  Should I just track down some posh crackers going cheap and buy them?  Am I missing the point?

Making your own crackers from kits is a bust.  They are far more expensive than buying crackers and you have to add your own presents. While I would quite like finding small, appropriate gifts for everyone coming for Christmas this year, I think I’ve left it a bit late for this enjoyable but time consuming activity.

Do we need crackers at all? Who wants to put a feeble paper crown on their heads to eat their Christmas dinner in?  Not me!  In fact, one of the small rebellions I’ve managed since I became ‘a certain age’ is my refusal to wear one.  After all, I would have taken some care with my appearance (although I’ve probably still got my apron on) why would I spoil the effect with a bit of paper?

Answers on a postcard please…(although the will work too!)

Now I get on to people helping at Christmas.  This year we have no people staying overnight but in the past I’ve had people in every cupboard and knew I’d need a bit of domestic help.  So I bought new rubber gloves (two sizes) new washing up brushes and sponges and made sure I had a large bottle of Fairy Liquid.  (other washing up products are available.)  I also washed my aprons and oven gloves. So this would make it pleasant to wash a few mugs, wouldn’t it?  While we’ve always had a dishwasher, the rate we got through mugs when people are staying is not ordinary (as they say).  So it made sense to wash a dozen or so of them by hand.  But did my grateful guests do this?  I’m sure if I’d asked them to they would have jumped to it, but as they didn’t offer, I just did it all myself.  I think that sometimes think I don’t want other people in my kitchen. Please note, I love people in my kitchen, I’m not remotely territorial about it and willingly accept help.

I have to say, my daughters-in-law are brilliant helpers.  They know where everything is, they leap into action and sometimes actually clear out my fridge for me.  I must find out what size they like their Marigolds.

Love Katie xxx

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