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Christmas Decoration Dilemma

Entry posted on December 10th 2018

Tasteful and Sophisticated?  Or lavish and every so slightly vulgar?

This is another annual dilemma that always takes a lot of thinking about.  Should my mantlepiece be cool, icy even, with ivy, white candles, white lights, and a bit reminiscent of Winter?  (I have a secret love for January which always feels a bit wicked in December, before Christmas, because January is after Christmas which is implying I’m looking forward to being ‘the other side’ – and I am!)  Or, should I go all out with red berries, red lights, amaryllis (fake) and possibly, some plastic gold grapes just to add a touch of decadence.  It’s a dilemma because I love both options, I just don’t know which one I will like looking at for weeks.

I have enjoyed a single strand of real ivy, a single string of plain lights and a few candles in glass candlesticks.  It’s tasteful, a bit Scandi-blanc (Scandi but not noir) and quick to dismantle.  Then I acquired a strand of mistletoe-lights and it stopped being so minimal and when you have more than two strings of lights you’ve already gone over the top really.

I always used to have real foliage only but last year we had all the ivy pulled off the house (at great expense) and it would be hard for me to find bits long enough.  I do have some lovely berries on a cotoneaster so if I went for a red theme I could use those.  But they will wither quite quickly so it would probably be better to use my fake berries which always fall apart a bit but do look lovely. 

Now might me the point when I confess I have a bit of a Christmas decoration fetish and can’t resist buying them, particularly garlands suitable for mantlepieces and bannisters.  And I felt obliged to call in at a Christmas Decoration outlet store that’s opened for a short time near me.  I don’t think ‘minimal’ is going to get a look in this year.

I’m lucky in that I have two mantlepieces so I can have both, but one is in the sitting room and gets looked at a lot and one is in the dining room that will only really be appreciated on Christmas day.   So I’m going to see just how over-the-top I can be and pile on the decs.  There will be pictures!

Love Katie xxx

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