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Will this be the year?

Entry posted on December 6th 2018

Usually I manage to put my wilder flights of fancy into my books and there’s no threat of them actually taking up space in my house but the diorama fantasy is taking hold.

This is, to create a nativity scene entirely out of Lindt chocolate figures.  Of course they’d have to be adapted – Father Christmas would have to be ‘king’d up’ three times and cotton wool beards would rule. (Also tiny tea towels for the shepherds’ heads, like at the best school events.)  I may allow the occasional non-chocolate player in my little show because it would be hard to have everything edible but I will aspire to total eatability.

I did actually put this in A French Affair.  I had a slightly dippy woman (the apple didn’t fall far from the tree when I created this character!) create a chocolate nativity.  She was a lot more artistic and clever than I am (the joy of writing is that you can upgrade yourself with a few brisk adjectives, none of that real-life dieting and hair care is necessary).  Hers was stunning.  But should I really attempt this?

The return of this long-held ambition was caused by my husband bringing me a little model camel that I had bought in Sharjah.  I bought it to support some vendors I thought needed my money and now I’m wondering what to do with it.  Then I realised that it was a Christmas decoration, but to incorporate a camel into my scheme I’d have to have a nativity scene.  And what better substance to make it from than chocolate?

Love Katie xxx

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