• Lucy


    Thank you all so much for your lovely messages about my diet.  I’m afraid things have lapsed rather, partly because we’ve had a death in the family.

    It was a fairly small death, given that it happened to a little red dog who’d ruled our family for eleven years.  But as I’m sure many of you know, a small death such as this can have a very big impact.

    Lucy developed a liver condition in March and we were told that she had no functioning liver.  No one mentioned it to her, however, so although the weight fell off her and she was always ravenously hungry, she carried on being her bright, bossy self until just recently. 

    I think the hardest part was that we had to decide the moment.  We weren’t told by the vet that it was the only thing we could do for her.  Eventually we did make the decision and on her last day Desmond took her for her favourite walk in the park.  The previous day she had to be carried home as she was too weak to walk.  On her last day she ran around and chased a squirrel. 

    Of course we discussed cancelling the appointment, but we came to the conclusion that we didn’t want her to get worse.  Some days she was so weak she had to be carried.  She’d stopped being able to eat biscuits.  But while Desmond was on the phone to the vet and I was listening she hopped onto the sofa and ate the cheese from my salad.

    I heard Monty Don said no relationship with an animal ends well but I hope we don’t dwell on Lucy’s end for too long.  She was such a strong character, she’s more than frail little thing we said goodbye to. 

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    • Jill Rosemarie Tyler says...

      They are a major part of our families and leave such gap when they go. Just remember the happy times you have spent together.

      December 14, 2020

    • Lesley says...

      So sorry tio hear of your lose, it’s not easy to come to terms of losing a loved one, we always treat ours as part of the family. We rescued a black and white cat called ‘Levi’ he’s my best friend now, he talks and follows me every where.

      December 14, 2020

    • Lorna Hickman says...

      I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how heartbreaking losing a pet can be. Take time to be kind to yourselves.

      December 14, 2020

    • Maxine says...

      Katie, I am so very sorry and sad for your loss. I see from your photo what a beautiful little girl Lucy was,and as I have a Cocker Spaniel I know what loving affectionate dogs Spaniels are. I also know how painful such a loss can be, after all,dogs are such a prominent part of the family for most dog lovers, but I’m sure she would have had a very lovely, happy life with you and your family. I hope you feel a little less sad soon, though I know it takes time.

      December 14, 2020

    • Elizabeth says...

      Dear Katie
      I am so sorry you have lost your dear little companion, they are always such close members of our families that make it so hard to bear.
      On a lighter note I have received my drying up cloths and your very first book about your long boat, I love it as I do all of your books but I am not sure of the title of your latest book and I want to treat myself to a Christmas pressie!! Please is it possible for you to tell me, via email will be absolutely fine! ALso thank you for the extra cloth, I shall keep that for myself too!!! and I simply love the way you have kindly autographed the book.
      THank for all your stories I am always loving it when a new one appears,
      A very happy Christmas to you all, your lovely family although very different this year I know some good wll come out of all this and like you we are so grateful for our 4 sons, their wives and our 8 grandchildren
      God Bless, My love BIzz xx

      December 14, 2020

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