A Vintage Wedding (2015)

A Vintage Wedding (2015)

This is a rare book in that I had the idea for a title that actually ended up as the title. Fellow writers will know what I’m talking about. But I knew I wanted to write about weddings again as I had such fun with Wedding Season, which was about a wedding planner that didn’t believe in the happy ever after!  Vintage was suddenly all the rage and so there it was – A Vintage Wedding.

I was also helped – or hindered – part way through by my daughter announcing her engagement. My son did likewise, so we had two Fforde family weddings that summer.

This book has three heroines and this gave me lots of scope. I loved having a woman who was a bit OCD although family and friends were surprised I could relate to such a tidy person being such an untidy one myself. I love books where people have to create something out of nothing (I think it was Milly Molly Mandy goes to a party that planted this seed) and my friend Jo Thomas (fellow writer – I may have mentioned her before) met a woman at a health farm who was organising her sister’s wedding courtesy of Skype. So there I was, I had a title and a few ideas, and eventually I had a book.

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