A Wedding in Provence - Paperback (2022)

A Wedding in Provence - Paperback (2022)
A Wedding in Provence is the second in a series of three about three girls who met on a cookery course in London.  Alexandra is on her way to live with her starchy relations and decides to stop off in Paris for a couple of days sightseeing.  She meets a young American woman and Alexandra’s plans change.  She heads off to Provence to be a nanny.

I loved writing this.  Alexandra is such a strong character, she more or less told me her story.  She did take me way out of my writing comfort zone, setting a book in France when I couldn’t go there, for a start, but I loved living in her world.  She has skills she didn’t know she had and was extremely resourceful.  

While I couldn’t go to Provence during Lock Down, I had been to Provence a couple of times and had been to France fairly often, which helped.  Also, my husband’s sister had lived in rural France as a child and she was very helpful.

Of course I had watched every TV programme there was about chateaux, but interestingly, the one I created was quite unlike any of the ones I saw.  

I’m currently writing the third in the series.

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