Paradise Fields (2003)

Paradise Fields (2003)
I love to write about what’s current and farmers’ markets where just starting when I wrote this.  
I based it on Stroud Farmers’ market which is award winning and a bit different from some.  It sold - and sells - non food items that are created locally which means people go even if they don’t need any wonderful cheese, honey or beef.  (I buy my pudding bowls from there and ask for more when inevitably some of mine are broken.)  
I put my children in this book.  They are teenagers in it and I love teenagers.  I made my daughter read it.  Then she wasn’t much of a reader but as it had her in it I felt she should know what other people would be reading.  
The unexpected plus to this was the fact she quite enjoyed it.  It also caused me to go to my first football match.  I went with a lovely girl who showed me the ropes.  I loved it!

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