The Christmas Stocking (2018)

The Christmas Stocking (2018)

I love writing about Christmas . In my second book (The Rose Revived) I had three protagonists and they all had different Christmases and in my third book (Wild Designs) I put in the Christmas we had at my house at the time, without the drama.  So when I was asked to write enough Christmas stories to fill a book, I was enthusiastic.

It gave me an opportunity to revisit a house which has appeared in three books previously. (Wedding Season, Love Letters and Recipe for Love.)  I loved Fenella and Rupert who lived in the house and enjoyed the chance to write  something where they had a more starring role.

I also revisited Crinan in a story.  I had enjoyed writing Summer at Sea which is set in Crinan and so go back there, some of the characters reappearing, was a delight.  And haven’t we all wished for A Christmas Fairy to ring on the door to take the stress out of the day?

I also did something I never thought I’d do with these stories.  My editor said, ‘I’d love you to write a ghost story,.’  Before my denial that this was possible was fully out of my mouth, I’d had an idea. 

The idea behind a book of Christmas stories is that in the run up to Christmas, lots of people are too busy to engage in a novel.  My thought is when the relations are getting a bit much, you can slope off to the bathroom, lock the door, read a story and come out having had a rest and able to gather up used mugs and put the kettle on again with a smile.

Ps  My daughter’s dogs have a starring role in one of these stories. They are my granddogs and are allowed to get away with anything!

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