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    • Caroline Aherne says...

      ‘One Enchanted Evening’ has been the perfect solace as I’ve recovered from a second bout of Covid, far worst than the first!
      My first Katie Fforde was ‘Wild Designs’ which I bought whilst manning ( if your allowed to use that term any more) the book stall at my son’s primary school summer fate, and as he’s now 40 it’s some time ago. I was absolutely taken with your style and depiction of real family interactions and have read all you have published since.
      Having followed the adventures of Lizzie, Meg and Lexi is it now time for Vanessa to have her happy ending? I do hope so.
      Keep on writing as long as your enjoy it, life for us all is about the the love family, friends and communities bring to us everyday.

      August 14, 2023

    • Margaret Smith says...

      One enchanted evening
      I absolutely loved this book Katie Fforde is a brilliant story teller, as with her other books I was engrossed from start to finish one of my favourite authors can’t wait for the next one

      May 04, 2023

    • Eileen Runkel says...

      Really looking forward to the publication of your new book. I love your writing and have read all your previous books several times over! They’re my ‘go to’ when I need a read to cheer me up. Other than reading, cooking and craft are my passion and I’m practical rather than ‘decorative’! 😂…so, as your key characters often share my characteristics and hobbies, I find I usually identify with them, which is probably why I like them so much. Maybe I’m just a narcissist! Anyway, please don’t ever stop writing…I reach my three score years and ten this year and hope to read plenty more before I turn up my toes. Sending best wishes and gratitude to you for providing so much pleasure.

      March 07, 2023

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