• What Being President of the RNA means to me.

    What Being President of the RNA means to me.

    I love the RNA (Romantic Novelists Association) and I’ve been a member more years than I care to remember.  (This is a way of saying I can’t remember which year I joined it’s so long ago.)

    I was so hugely honoured to be asked to be the President I didn’t know what to say but as I was being asked by my predecessor, Di Pearson, who was senior editor at Transworld as well as an author in her own right, I didn’t dare say no.

    When I told my family my son told me it was a Ming Vase role which apparently means I sit on a shelf and look pretty but don’t do a lot.  As I’m not quite as pretty as a Ming Vase I like to do a bit more than that.  But it is a supportive role, although having been a member of the RNA for so long I sometimes remember useful thing.  But I’m there to back up the chair and all members of the committee.  They do such a wonderful job, giving up their limited free time to help members.

    My favourite part of the RNA is the New Writers’ Scheme which is where unpublished authors can have their novels assessed by a published novelist.  The support follows through and when they achieve publication they become eligible for the Joan Hessayon New Writers Award. 

    The Katie Fforde Bursary is for members of the RNA who have been trying a while and keep being nearly there, but still haven’t achieved publication.  That said, because it’s my award I can give it to anyone I like.  The prize is a place at the Conference and a year’s membership.  It does seem to have a magic effect – people so often get published very soon after winning!

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    • victoria mckenzie-cook says...

      Dear Katie, I really enjoy reading your books. I’ve just, (almost), finished reading Paradise fields, I love the main characters; Nel and Jake, can you tell me if you ever would plan on doing sequels to some of your books? I always love to know what may happen to some of my favourite characters.

      Many thanks


      February 13, 2022

    • Elizabeth says...

      Well done Katie, this is a welldreserved hnour and couldn’t go to a nicer lady. I have been a fan of yours for more years than I cnare to membrer and am always wishing for a new book to come out.
      John and I have got to 80 and have had both jabs, managed to stay clear of the virus but have lost many lovly firends in this pandemic, Quite horrible but we still ahev each other and a wonderful family, 4 sona and 8 gtandchildren all of whom we adore. Keep going and hang the diet!!! (Nn not really!!) Best wishes Bizz xx

      April 19, 2021

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