• My new paperback

    My new paperback

    I’ve turned into one of those people who keep going on about the weather.  It’s because at the moment it is so beautiful.  It really could be Spring.  The birds are very active, there are primroses out and daisies on the lawn and although it’s cold, the sun is shining.

    The good weather is making it all feel a bit summery which ties in with my new paperback that’s just out.  It’s called A Wedding in the Country and weddings are usually held in Spring or Summer.

    This book is a bit of a departure for me because it’s set in the l960’s.  My friend Jo Thomas commented that I’d never written about a cookery course I went on before I was married.  Although I went on it in the 70’s, the 60’s feel more fun to write about.

    I never thought I’d write anything that could be described as historical, but stranger, I never thought a period I’ve been alive in could be classed as history.  But the years whistle past and suddenly there you are!

    I wrote this book during the first Lock Down and it was lovely to have a place to go to in my head where there was no Covid, no anxiety, no regulations.  And while I couldn’t see my family or my friends, the characters in my books were always there for me to interact with.

    A Wedding in the Country is the first of a series of three books, each about one of three girls who met on a cookery course in Pimlico.  They’ve all gone on it for different reasons and they all have different stories.

    The first book is about Lizzie.  She’s just eighteen and comes up to London from the Home Counties.  I’m not going to reveal too much about her but a lot of what she and her friends get up to were the same things that I got up to when I was about her age.  We both had a lot of fun!

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