• A Wedding in the Country

    A Wedding in the Country

    I’m always anxious when a new book comes out but I’m extra anxious this time.

    This book is set in the 60’s and people may not like the change from contemporary fiction.  They will also spot mistakes, I’m sure of it.

    I am so much of a pedant I even drive myself mad.  I genuinely think every publisher, film maker, tv company should have a dedicated Old Person to pick up mistakes.  I complained about the flowers in Poldark (so modern, and we didn’t have dahlias then) I noticed the lemon drizzle cake in a pre War drama (not invented until the 60’s) and I raged about a First Class stamp in a novel set in the Victorian era.  I subsequently discovered that my old book group read this, all women my age, and no one commented.  It is just me!  And don’t start me on ‘you may kiss the bride’ which is a relatively new thing, not present in The Book of Common Prayer so while it’s fine to have it in a modern wedding (she winces slightly) not one before we were influenced by America.  (Although apparently if you’re hoping for your television drama to sell to the US you have to put it in.  Hmm.)

    So for me to write about a period which isn’t the current one, even if I was there (although young!) is taking a risk. I’m bound to have made a few howlers.

    That said, I loved escaping into a different, safer area.  Lots of memories emerged when I was writing it and many of them were put in.  Sadly, a lot of the more romantic elements are completely made up.

    I do hope those of you who give it a go enjoy it.  And if you spot anything hugely wrong please accept that I tried really, really, hard to get it right. 


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    • Cynthia Smith says...

      I am such a fan of your writing. So far, I have purchased over twenty of the audio versions of your books and play them over and over while driving. I live in South Carolina, U.S. and have always purchased the audio versions from Isis Publishing in the UK. It seems that publishing company is out of business. Has A Wedding in the Country had an audio version produced? Do you know where I can purchase the latest audio versions? Thank you so much.

      April 08, 2021

    • Mary Athena Clarke says...

      Just finished A Wedding in the Country absolutely loved it as I do all your books .

      April 08, 2021

    • Jennifer Hayhurst says...

      love yoaur books, just received your latest- Wedding in the country and I feel like I’m back in my teenage years all over again, enjoying London for the first time, the fashions, the hair dos and the attitiudes, already 80 pages in an settled in to read it at a sitting.

      April 08, 2021

    • Julie says...

      Absolutely loved the book and the 60’s setting. A real page turner!

      April 08, 2021

    • Debra Tyler says...

      This was very different to her usual novels.It was a bit like The Famous Five only for grown ups..I still enjoyed it though.

      April 08, 2021

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