• Bookshops are Open

    Bookshops are Open

    It’s been very tough for everyone and one of the saddest things we’ve had to do without, I feel, are bookshops and libraries.

    When you go into a bookshop you go into a magic place, full of joys and pleasures, challenges and memories.  And until you go in you may not know where these gems are hidden.

    Of course, we can, in theory, buy books online, but unless you know what the book is and who wrote it, you can’t.  Good books often have to be looked for and the best place to find one is in a traditional bookshop.

    There are many ways of choosing books.  You could have been recommended something by a friend.  You might have read a really good review, or a favourite author could have produced a new book.  All these are excellent ways of obtaining something lovely to read.  But to my mind, the most exciting way of finding something new, possibly discovering a new author, is when you wander into an independent bookshop (possibly run by a wonderful girl with long hair done up on top of her head and intellectual glasses, or better by an intellectual man, same as the girl without the long hair on the top of his head.). This person will really know their stock, they will have read a lot of the books on the shelves, and will suggest something you would never have thought of.  This book will be so wonderful you feel like you’ve been given a jewel. Lovely!  Browsing in a book shop.  Such joy!

    The other lovely thing is seeing family again.  We met up with our family on the Wye on the first day it was allowed.  The weather forecast was amazing.  Sadly, the Ibiza temperatures we were promised did not transpire until we were on the way home and we froze to death.  Did we care?  No we did not!  We’ve been zooming and Face Timing but that doesn’t show you how much they’ve grown and chatting in a group on line doesn’t reveal how many amazingly long words they’ve learnt since you last saw them in the flesh.

    So, good times are coming!  I’m planning a trip to the pub and I have a hair appointment booked.  Maybe it’s good for us to do without these things for so long.  It makes us really appreciate them when they come back.     

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    • Pauline. Buchan says...

      Dear Katie
      I would just like to say how much l enjoy your books
      at the moment I am reading A Christmas Feast
      to get me into the Christmas mood Xx

      January 18, 2023

    • Rhiannon says...

      I read my first one of your books from a box that a colleague of my ex-husband was giving away. It was ‘Restoring Grace’.
      I have collected every single one of your books since – I usually buy them from a local online new bookshop. I re-read them all at least once a year!
      I am just about to finish ‘A Wedding in the Country’ and I love it! I am very happy that there is a sequel with Alexandra – I hope Meggie gets a book too.

      November 02, 2021

    • Claire Montgomery says...

      Hello Katie.
      You are so right, I had my haircut on saturdsy after 1 year and 4 months and it felt like christmas day to me. I am so much more thankful now after lockdown, i even started gardening and upcycling stuff.
      I love Amazon , especially if I need any school bits for my son but you cant beat a book shop (independent ones are my favourites.) If you ever go to henley on thames there is a fabulous one that I like to pay a visit to when I go there xxx

      May 10, 2021

    • Maxine says...

      I totally agree. Maybe in some ways it’s done us good to be without some of the things we enjoy, and so often take for granted. I hope we don’t have to do it again any time soon though. I’m seriously looking forward to my visit to the hairdresser’s. It’s good to see the shops opening up too. It brings hope that things will settle back down to normal in the not too distant future. And you are absolutely right Katie, bookshops are magical places. Choosing a new book is a very satisfying moment.

      April 19, 2021

    • Gill says...

      So good to read your message and so pleased that you have managed a visit to Brockweir- I live in Monmouth- chatting to your daughter te book order!!

      We sat under two patio heaters on Hood Friday with my daughter and family who had not visited for so so long!!
      Your books have been of great comfort during these Covid months – to me who had to shield and endure a broken hip with health complications to my niece through chemo and radiotherapy and my daughter who was online lecturing and home schooling two boys!

      Thank you so much
      All good wishes

      April 19, 2021

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