• December is almost here

    December is almost here

    Hello everyone,

    Hope you are well? Usually for me, November is what happens after Halloween and before Christmas. But last year and this year it has become paperback publication month!

    One Enchanted Evening is the third in my series set in the 60’s about three girls who met at a cookery school, very like the one I went to myself (I went in the 70’s but the 60’s is more fun!). It is about Meg, who wants to become a chef and to give her mother a secure home.

    Will she achieve these ambitions? Well, if you read my books you know there is always a happy ending. But how does that come about and what are the challenges along the way? That’s the story (of course there’s a gorgeous hero, who rides a huge motorbike too!).

    Do watch out for the TV ad for the book which is running for the next week or so across ITV's Lorraine and Good Morning Britain. Or you can watch it here!


    Did you celebrate Halloween this year? I know lots of people hate Trick or Treating but locally, it is a very sweet affair.

    To begin with, if you don’t put out a pumpkin or a candle or something else that implies you welcome visitors, no one comes. Secondly, it’s mostly small children who come, desperate to show off their costumes, often accompanied by a very embarrassed dad, who stands at the gate dressed as The Scream, or the Grim Reaper (hard to tell them apart) while their charges rush to the front door.

    Being a meanie, I won’t just hand out sweeties for nothing. For me, Trick or Treat means that they have to show me a trick or give me a treat. Apparently this is what happens in Scotland too. So the unprepared children have to try and remember a knock knock joke, or sing a song, or do a dance before they get to get their hands in the bag full or chocolate. 

    Once, two young women, who must have come from the dance school that was across the road at that time, did beautiful hand springs, perfectly in time with each other. It was so good I got the friend who was visiting to come and watch and I made them do it all over again.

    There have been years when I’ve forgotten to take in the sign and long past the little ones have gone to bed some brave soul turns up. By that time the chocolates will have gone and they’ll end up with some random biscuits. But far better for their teeth, I say!

    Anyway, I do hope November is the perfect time to escape with a book, before the Christmas chaos begins.

    ...and if you are thinking of an extra special Christmas present gift for someone - or maybe for yourself! ...I will personally sign and dedicate with any message you would like - Signed and dedicated books

    Although for me, I have to confess, I have already started my preparations because this year we will have children in the house! I am very over excited. Last year Christmas was very quiet because we all went to Dominica (read all about that in my next book, Island in the Sun.)

    This year, my son and his family, (5 and 18 months) will be staying with us while their house is extended. It’s possible I didn’t need to buy special decorations so the children can have their own tree. And possibly I could have trusted that I already have enough fairy lights, and I didn’t to risk causing a shortage by buying so many more. But in spite of the title of my first book, I don’t like to live dangerously. (Living Dangerously)

    Enjoy November! Buy a book, (it doesn’t have to be mine) and find some time to curl up for a quiet read. There won’t be so much time for reading when December comes.

    Lots of love, 
    Katie xxx



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