• Happy New Year everyone!

    Happy New Year everyone!

    As someone who gets impatient with people who don’t like winter, (ok, my husband and son) even this Pollyanna is finding this year a bit of the struggle. It’s the rain.

    It’s made me behave in a peculiar way. But I’ve decided that you can do anything you like as long as you call it something.

    An example of my slightly eccentric behaviour is, when my favourite wreath came in from the outdoor gate, it no longer smelt of damp attic (where it had been lost for about three years) but all the red had come off the berries. I was about to dispose of it but then thought, why not paint the berries red again? There is nothing wrong with the rest of it.

    I bought some paint and a paint brush before discovering that a nail varnish brush was what I needed and set to. I made a hideous mess. Fortunately I had already planned to replace the table cloth, I didn’t much like the jumper I was wearing and picking the paint off my hands was quite satisfying. I had a lovely time! Then I wired on most of a red garland I had and eventually ended up with the wreath looking exactly like the one I had fallen in love with one Christmas Eve many years ago. I’m calling this nonsense mindfulness. 

    It's gets more bonkers. While the rest of the world is putting away decorations I have bought new lights. We have taken down the tree and taken the garlands off the stairs and the mantelpieces, but for the mantelpiece in the sitting room I am creating a whole new arrangement. It’s about the light. It is far too bleak to go back to simple lamps, I need sparkle and I need lots of it. I’m calling this ‘protecting my mental health’ – it’s all in the branding!

    As my patient husband doesn’t find his dislike of winter helped by having a sparkly tree on the mantelpiece, we have booked a trip to Dominica.

    Island in the Sun is set on this lovely island and I have family there and so it is a special place for me. I do hope reading my book will give you a bit of break from rain, icy winds and winter. There is sunshine, a fair bit of rain but also adventure, romance and some lovely scenery. I loved writing it.

    To celebrate the publication of Island in the Sun we have partnered with Alexander House to offer you the chance to win Champagne Afternoon Tea.

    We filmed the wonderful TV advert with Alexander Hotels last summer at Barnett Hill Hotel, and I am delighted to be working with them again on this competition at Alexander House. 

    To be in with a chance of winning, pre-order your copy of Island in the Sun today and enter following this link.

    And if, like me, you’ve already broken your New Year’s resolutions, don’t worry, you can make them again, something more achievable this time.  I like ‘brush teeth’ as I know that’s something I will do.

    With much love and Happy New Year,

    Katie xx

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