• Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!
             Happy Valentine’s Day!
    I know for some this ‘Hallmark’ celebration often falls a bit flat.  If you’re not in a relationship you assume everyone else in the world is happily coupled up with the person of their dreams.  If you are in one and try to create something romantic, it’s almost bound to go wrong.  You won’t be able to get a table in a restaurant, and if you do, it’ll be terribly crowded.  Flowers are more expensive than usual, and if you give chocolates, you find everyone’s given up chocolate as they finally get round to their New Year diet.
    The secret is to disappear into another world – and – surprise surprise – I have created one for you!
                A Wedding in Provence is set 1960’s France.  It’s about Alexandra, who you’ve already met if you’ve read A Wedding in the Country, (also available).
                Alexandra arrived in my head fully formed.  I just took frantic notes as she revealed herself.  This is why I’ve moved so far out of my comfort zone and set a book in a country I’ve only ever had holidays in.  (Although a fair number of them.). But I loved writing it.  It was such a break from the difficult times we have been enduring recently.  I really hope it does the same for my readers.
                With love,
                Katie x
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