• Mothers day

    Mothers day

    There is so much advertising and publicity around this day many people find they just don’t relate to what we used to call Mothering Sunday.  Not everyone can treat their mother to a cream tea, an enormous bouquet of flowers, and not all mothers want a box of chocolates if they have health issues.  Lots of mothers are too far away from their families to be visited.

    When my children were young, I always preferred a bunch of flowers picked from the garden than any flowers they could have bought.  It really is the thought that counts and a bouquet sent from a major supplier doesn’t represent a lot of thought.  Which is not to say such a bouquet wouldn’t be very welcome but there are other presents, easy to post, that represent a bit more consideration.

    Obviously as a writer, and also a huge reader, I would suggest a book.  My mother and I used to give each other books even when it wasn’t Mother’s Day.  Giving someone a few hours away from the worries and difficulties of real life is a lovely gift.  An added joy to a book is that you can pass it onto someone else when you’ve finished it.  A bunch of dead daffodils or an empty tin of Rose’s isn’t something you’d pass onto a neighbour or friend you have coffee with.

    The world is a very worrying place at the moment and something which means I can’t think about it for a little while is just what I’d like.

    That said, I know my children would say, ‘Mum!  I can’t buy you books!  You have so many of them already,’ and I do understand this.

    But if your mother isn’t a writer, and hasn’t got far, far more books than is reasonable, think about it as a present.  It may just hit the spot.

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    • Hayley says...

      My children say exactly that to me about buying me more books. I love them and honestly think that an avid reader can’t have too many, having said that I really am starting to run out of rooms to put them lol.

      August 25, 2022

    • Gill says...

      Sadly not everyone has a mum alive anymore and Mothers Day can be very hard. My mum was,my best friend as well and I miss her terribly. What id give to have her here now to exchange a book with.

      August 25, 2022

    • Abigail Hemming says...

      My mum Hannah loves books so much, we always has too many.
      She’s incredibly poorly with Covid at the moment, and because she’s on the clinically extremely vulnerable list, we are very worried. However we all have it, so it’s a poorly house at the moment. Thank you x

      August 25, 2022

    • Karen Faulkinbury says...

      Oh my! I will never have too many books and hope that my children know this too. Book presents are always the very best.

      August 25, 2022

    • Glynis Tipping says...

      I agree wholeheartedly! Books to loose your self in away from the outside world are so important. I love having books as presents, it’s interesting trying new authors that are recommended by others. Flowers are important but on Mothering Sunday they are so expensive better given as a surprise on another day!
      I save buying your new book each year until July to read on my birthday. Time then to savour it !

      April 29, 2022

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