• Springtime


    In spite of all the gloom and doom we’ve been going through lately it’s hard to resist the oncoming of spring and feel a bit optimistic.  We’ve had some really beautiful days recently and with blossom coming out almost before our eyes and daffs fluttering and dancing it seems that actually, spring has come early.

    I love seeing changes in the garden and countryside every day.  And may be if nature seems to be speeding up, the days until we can all see each other again will also whistle past.

    I’ve been doing a bit of decluttering.  I know everyone else did theirs last March but I’m a reluctant declutterer unless I’m in the mood.  I’m only in the mood about every five years so I have to make the most of it if I’m in that frame of mind.

    I’m doing my bathroom at the moment (which is also where I keep my clothes, put on my make up etc.)  I’m always defeated by eyeshadow pallets.  There’s always one colour which is used up quickly (and it’s that colour that made you buy it) but then there’s always a dark colour, black or dark brown, which you do use, but it lasts forever.  How many little plastic boxes can you keep?  Should you be ruthless and throw them away?  And what about products you’ve filched from hotels?  I keep the shampoos because I hand wash my bras in shampoo (sorry, TMI!) but what about the body lotion?  I need body lotion.  But how often do I put it on?  Not nearly often enough, so should I just chuck it?  As for the samples they give you when you’ve bought some product or other because you’re hypnotised by the woman selling it.  Are you going to use eyelash serum?  (Am I going to use it, I mean.)  I have a friend with lashes so long and curly I can’t but envy them and she swears by eyelash serum.  My lashes could certainly do with some help but do I remember?  I think you know the answer!

    Last week my son who lives in Wales rang to invite us for lunch, for the first day its permitted.  After some discussion I said, ‘and what can we bring?’  He said, ‘blankets.’  Then I remembered we’d be outside.  But I really don’t care!

    If you haven’t bought A Springtime Affair, it’s only 99p on Kindle for March at amazon.  It could be an easy fix if you’re not feeling quite as springlike as the title.

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    • Michael Castle says...

      Hi Katie, Long time no see! I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on Spring. The fact that the bulbs do their work and push their shoots up to flower gives me a deep sense of ‘alrightness’ with the world …. that’s why you’ll always find me down the bottom of the garden! Wishing you all the very best for your new book…. Kindest regards, Michael :)

      April 08, 2021

    • Anita says...

      I have loved all your other books and am now looking forward to the Springtime Affair, at just the right time! Thank you.

      April 08, 2021

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