• Travel away to Dominica with me this February

    Travel away to Dominica with me this February


    I knew I loved the island of Dominica before I wrote about it, but what took me by surprise was how much more I would love it because of the book. I immersed myself in books about it, reminding myself of places I’d visited, getting myself back into the atmosphere. I really hope people will connect with this place from the story I have written.

    I reconnected myself so much with Dominica that me and my husband are going for a trip there. Although I am really looking forward to the trip, Desmond and I don’t really travel well together.  There are two sorts of travellers, those who judge it to a nicety and step onto the plane at the last minute having done no queuing and no waiting around.  This is Desmond. I, on the other hand, like to spend the night at the airport the day before, whatever time my flight is. I hardly dare eat a meal in case I lose sight of the departure board for a nano-second and have to run to the gate the second it is announced.  I once forced Desmond to arrive at an airport so early, they put us on the earlier flight. I do accept I am a pain to travel with although I have female friends who feel the same as me about things and everything is a lot less stressful.

    The trouble is, Desmond has previous for missing flights and there is a trip to Madeira being planned with my son and his family. (I am staying at home with our old dog.  We can be sedate together.). My son was with his dad when they missed a flight, and being the child of both of us, has a foot in both camps, so to speak. He isn’t as bad as I am when it comes to getting there early, but for a seven am flight, when you’re travelling with children, getting up at five and assuming there won’t be traffic is just too much for his nerves. I fought in his corner and reluctantly, an overnight stay in a hotel has been agreed on. I am so grateful. Even though I’m not going the stress would have been too much for me. 

    The joy of reading about lovely places in books is that you don’t have to go through any of that. You can read the book, enjoy the place (and I hope the story and the characters!) without even having to calculate what time you need to leave the house. I do hope you enjoy Dominica through my book, and if you decide to go there, I really hope you love it as much as I do.


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