• Travelling When ‘Older’

    Travelling When ‘Older’

    These days it’s a brave person who admits they’re not as young as they used to be but I prefer to embrace it. All this ’67 years young’ rubbish (that’s me, by the way.) is just annoying.

    But being older (not the same as being old, I promise) means when you travel you need certain little comforts.

    Here are a few things that I did that made our recent writing break (for me) to Grand Canaria.

    We took tea bags. Yes, I know, this is a really ‘older person’ thing to do but it meant we had lovely tea for our first cuppa in our rooms. (We bought milk that we kept in our mini bar.) We took them down to breakfast with us which meant I had my favourite tea while Desmond had posh, European coffee.

    I took my own pillow. Years ago I made the dangerous change to a silk pillow case. When you’re away from home, your own pillow, which is permanently impregnated with lavender oil is very comforting if you don’t sleep well.

    I didn’t take quite enough to read. You forget how much of that you do when there is no television. I read quite a lot when I do have television. We both had kindles and we used them.

    I never do pack quite enough clothes, I think I panic about not being able to fit it all in. This means I have to buy something while there which is always fun.

    I also had a mani-pedi – something I struggle to find time for when I’m home. My surprise was, my husband decided to join me although he drew the line at the varnish and just had his toe nails trimmed and filed into shape. When he bought some ‘swim shorts’ that happened to exactly match a shirt he has I began to worry. It looked so like an ‘out fit’ I thought he was becoming a metrosexual – a bit concerning after over 40 years of marriage when he considered aftershave a bit ‘out there.’ (Mind you, he does have a beard so I suppose he’s justified.)

    We had a lovely time though. I got a lot of writing done (I always find it easier when away from home) and we had some lovely warmth and sunshine. Well worth a bit of extra packing.

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    • Joan Wills says...

      So sad to hear of the death of your beautiful dog. I know how I felt when my 19 year old cat.had to be put down. It was like losing a child..

      December 14, 2020

    • Lindsey March says...

      Dear Katie, you look as kind and comfortable and intelligent as I expected. I love your books so much, more than any other romantic fiction author. Please write some more! I am hoping that ‘Rose Petal Summer’ is your latest. Is that so? Yours, Lindsey March

      July 14, 2020

    • Pauline Holloway says...

      Ahh, a lady after my own heart! Never go away anywhere without the teabags, torch, hot water bottle (in case of a headache or sleeplessness) and 2 plastic hangers! We don’t moan about getting older either, little point and means we’re wiser in many ways. Never enough good books, my favourite author only seems to write two a year – don’t you!!! I also live in the Cotswolds, just north of Burford. Keep writing and I like the website!! Xx

      July 13, 2020

    • katie Fforde says...

      I have two cashmere ponchos and I always take one of them. Often doubles as a blanket. Excellent for flights etc. I’d also add a plastic hanger so if they hangers are those annoying ones you can’t take out of the wardrobe you can still drip dry a shirt or dress.

      How are you both? Was thinking about you yesterday!

      March 18, 2020

    • Georgina Malcolm says...

      I never travel without a hot water bottle. Terry travels 2. He also has a manly dark green pashmina I bought him after we stayed at a French hotel with particularly aggressive air conditioning. Obviously I have a pashmina too. Travelling slippers (both of us), Terry’s DIY coffee kit, a head torch, and – never ever leave home without it – duct tape. Oh, and if travelling by car, a fridge. Are we getting old? Or experienced?

      March 15, 2020

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