• What has lockdown done for me?

    What has lockdown done for me?

    I have to confess there have been bits of lockdown I’ve enjoyed.  I’ve enjoyed not looking at my diary, knowing I haven’t forgotten to do something.  I’ve enjoyed knowing that no one will come into my house and see the mess.   I’ve enjoyed having more writing time so I got my book finished a bit early.  But what I’ve really enjoyed is being in touch with my readers a bit more.

    During lockdown, people have had more time to read and some of them have sent lovely messages.  I love knowing why people read my books and what they get out of them.  If they get in touch, and leave an email address, I can reply.  If you’re at home, shielding, not getting out at all, you have a bit of time on your hands and cope with an email from a writer, so do contact me.

     Writers spend a lot of time on their own, making stuff up, and while we do have all sorts of people who look at what we do from a professional point of view, it’s what the readers think we really care about.

     I heard recently from an intensive care nurse and knowing my books have cheered up someone who is in such an important job in these very hard times is really inspiring.  But I’d be just as pleased if I heard from any key worker.  As a writer, I stay at home, safe and comfortable, living in my imaginary world.  You guys are out there, risking your lives, literally, so I, and millions like me, can be safe.  I don’t often have the chance to say thank you, so if I’m given the chance, I will take it!

    Lastly, with lockdown easing, It means I'm able to hug my grandchildren again. Seeing them from a distance was a special kind of torture.  Now we can be together again.

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    • Andrew Waine says...

      I enjoyed your message. I’ve been and continue to be locked down in what I describe as the very best open prison in the country. I’ve spent most of my time reading(audio) and writing . I started writing ten years ago for my wife when she fell victim to Alzheimer’s. After she passed I continued writing short stories as part of the grieving process, and for friends and family . I’ve just finished a small book, (never to be published) I love observing human nature and letting my imagination run riot. Thank you for your inspiration over the years. Andrew Waine

      July 15, 2020

    • Sharon Dixon says...

      Ihave enjoyed reading all your books and cant wait for the next one to come out , I know just how you feel about seeing your grandchildren it was horrible not be able to cuddle them take care keep safe

      July 15, 2020

    • Carole Goodwin says...

      Hi Katie, I read all your books and always enjoyed them. I like how every book has a theme, which makes them interesting, especially when I don’t know the subject. Love your characters and their stories. When I get a new book , I slip into it with a smile on my face. If I go out, I can’t wait to get back to it. Thank you for your happy ever afters, a lovely thing in these troubled times. With much appreciation, Carole Goodwin.

      July 15, 2020

    • Diane Klena says...

      I, too, mostly disliked the “solitude time” because I missed my grandchildren. My kids were adamant that I stay home, got groceries etc. for me. Thankfully here in Pennsylvania we had a responsible governor who monitored us closely.
      I really, really like your stories- can’t pick a favorite but maybe Summer at Sea is in top 5 for sure. I have most of them in “real” books ( which I prefer) and a few on my Kindle. Can’t wait for your next one!

      July 15, 2020

    • Lorraine Harker says...

      Dear Katie. Well it been a long old time staying at home
      through lockdown. At times I was getting very depressed.
      and then I thought About ordering a few of your book. And I made a promise to myself that I would read one each in month of this terrible years. So far I’ve actually succeeded to do it.
      So I want to say thank you for the most entertaining and at times amusing lovely stories. Well done for keeping me sane and safe.xxx

      July 15, 2020

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