• What has lockdown done for me?

    What has lockdown done for me?

    I have to confess there have been bits of lockdown I’ve enjoyed.  I’ve enjoyed not looking at my diary, knowing I haven’t forgotten to do something.  I’ve enjoyed knowing that no one will come into my house and see the mess.   I’ve enjoyed having more writing time so I got my book finished a bit early.  But what I’ve really enjoyed is being in touch with my readers a bit more.

    During lockdown, people have had more time to read and some of them have sent lovely messages.  I love knowing why people read my books and what they get out of them.  If they get in touch, and leave an email address, I can reply.  If you’re at home, shielding, not getting out at all, you have a bit of time on your hands and cope with an email from a writer, so do contact me.

     Writers spend a lot of time on their own, making stuff up, and while we do have all sorts of people who look at what we do from a professional point of view, it’s what the readers think we really care about.

     I heard recently from an intensive care nurse and knowing my books have cheered up someone who is in such an important job in these very hard times is really inspiring.  But I’d be just as pleased if I heard from any key worker.  As a writer, I stay at home, safe and comfortable, living in my imaginary world.  You guys are out there, risking your lives, literally, so I, and millions like me, can be safe.  I don’t often have the chance to say thank you, so if I’m given the chance, I will take it!

    Lastly, with lockdown easing, It means I'm able to hug my grandchildren again. Seeing them from a distance was a special kind of torture.  Now we can be together again.

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    • SheilaDann says...

      Hi Katie You have kept me sainfor last 3yrs .love ur books.So nice veryenjoyable . Hope u are keeping well.Stay safe .xxp s after ireadthemhubby reads themand hernjoys them too ..xx

      May 10, 2021

    • Mary Craske says...

      I have read and loved your books and cant wait for the next one to arrive. During lockdown I have been ordering books from you that I know I have read, but wanted to read again and again. I am quite happy reading the last couple of chapters over and over again knowing it will end happily.
      I like to sit in bed late at night, with a hot drink, chocolate and your book. Best thing ever.
      Stay safe. Mary Craske

      February 15, 2021

    • Jean Chamberlain says...

      Dear Katie.
      I have read all your books over the years, many that l re-read, my all time favourite being Living Dangerously, l love your slightly scatty heroines and their determination to get on with life no matter what it throws at them.
      I wondered if you could set one of your books around a Heritage Railway, it would give you lots of opportunities to add an other experience to your research and I’m sure you could then write another book for us to enjoy.

      Kind regards
      Jean Chamberlain

      September 02, 2020

    • Julie Milton says...

      Hi Katie
      I have 28 of your books and I am reading them all for the second time.
      After losing my husband of 50 years at the end of 2018 a house move and then sheilding. Your books have been my lifeline. I love each and everyone of them. They have been my escapism and I can’t thank you enough.
      I so look forward to your next novel.
      A truly grateful fan.

      August 07, 2020

    • Katie says...

      Love reading your books, part of my past and guest at most of my holidays, reading Is so personal and wonderful as it’s relatable! Thank you so much 😊

      July 15, 2020

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